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Child Online Protection Volunteering


Toys that we buy for our children come with a fair warning that while they add to a lot of fun and learning, they may harm my child if not used properly or under parental guidance. We wish our Computers, Mobile phones and other digital devices also came with such warnings, for the scars the internet can leave on the impressionable children of this age, can take a lifetime to heal.

Internet is a great tool when used wisely and can really enhance a child’s learning but at the same time it puts an unattended child at risk of getting exposed to the real world (rather adult world) dangers of online fraud, cyber-bulling,identity theft, racism, pornography and violence.

NASSCOM Foundation and UNICEF India are committed to providing children with a secure and safe online experience. This will not be possible without your help.

If you think that you can make change happen by training parents / teachers and students on the basics of online safety, register below and become a Child Online Protection Volunteer.



Some Helpful Resources

Parenting Tips

Digi Diary for Kids


Can I join this campaign?

Anyone with a will to help towards training more people on Child Online Protection can join.

How can I train people?

The above resources by UNICEF should be helpful. Some other guides are also available on the internet.

We will conduct some train the trainers sessions for you too in case you require. For that you may write back to us at mykartavya@nasscomfoundation.org

How can i enroll my trainees?

Ideally, this will work as a chain. Your trainees will need to be registered here and pledge to train ten more poeple. Therefore, once trained your trainees can register here with your reference (name and mobile number).

What do I get if I successfully complete this campaign?

You will be getting a MyKartavya certificate once we have 10 people registered with your reference.

Contact Us

In case of any questions or quires, please write back to us at mykartavya@nasscomfoundation.org