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A digitally literate person is a more informed person. As a nation, if we have to succeed in the upcoming digital economy, we have to make sure that every citizen becomes digitally literate. The Government of India has moved forward by introducing the National Digital Literacy Mission and it is our turn as educated citizens of this country to help the underserved people harness the power of digital literacy. You can help bring about an enormous change by participating in the “Each one Teach Two” campaign and make a difference in the lives of these people.

We invite volunteers to help teach a minimum of 2 people around them on digital literacy curriculum. The goal is that at least one person per household is digitally literate in order to enable inclusive growth in the new age digital economy.

Please register to become a part of this large-scale, national movement to create a supportive ecosystem for the thousands of citizens who currently dont know how to access the benefits of a Digital India. Let’s make change happen. Let’s create history together.

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Training Curriculum

The ‘Basics of Digital Literacy’ curriculum has been split in 7 modules. Each module has been translated into English, Hindi, and Marathi. You may download the modules from the links below:

  1. Power in Your Hands
    English | Hindi | Marathi
  2. The Internet
    English | Hindi | Marathi
  3. Email and Social Media
    English | Hindi | Marathi
  4. Useful Information
    English | Hindi |  Marathi
  5. The Government
    English | Hindi | Marathi
  6. E commerce
    English | Hindi | Marathi
  7. IT Security
    English | Hindi | Marathi


Where do I find the beneficiaries?

You can start at your home itself.  Start by training your house help, your security guard, driver, press wala and then move towards anyone who you think is struggling with cashless ways of tranaction.

What do I teach?

You can teach the beneficiaries on the seven modules of Digital Literacy.

What do I get if I train 2 beneficiaries?

As soon as you train 2 beneficiaries and register them on this portal, you will get a NASSCOM Foundation certificate which carries immense value and will look great in your resume.

Contact Us

In case of any questions or quires, please write back to us at mykartavya@nasscomfoundation.org