Elder Empowerment Volunteering

For elders who spent their entire adulthood living independently and making their own choices, the new age Digital World is a considerable challenge. Unable to cope with fast paced technology, for elders, it has more often than not created a gap between them & the younger generation, who spend more & more time on their phones & laptops today.

HelpAge India, a non-governmental organization which works for disadvantaged elders, has therefore over the past few years been working towards empowering elders digitally. The aim is to make them self-reliant, independent, necessitate day-to-day living, by helping them pay their utility bills (electricity, water, phone etc.) online, use online banking facilities and get connected with their children, grandchildren, old friends etc, through features such as WhatsApp & Facebook, besides helping them keep up with world around them through YouTube, online news websites, Google Search etc. For many elders for whom physical mobility is a problem, the introduction to the Online World is a boon. Unfortunately, as per a recent survey conducted by HelpAge India, only 4% of India’s elders are internet savvy.

HelpAge therefore conducts Digital Literacy Sessions for elders, working with Senior Citizens Associations across the country. For this purpose it has also released a Handbook titled ‘EASY GUIDE: How to use Smartphones and Computers’. HelpAge uses young volunteers to teach elders how to use Smart Phones, Computers & the internet. These Digital Literacy Sessions hope to go a long way in helping our elders live independently.

NASSCOM Foundation who has been a flag bearer for overall digital literacy across the country, having trained over 90,000 people has partnered with HelpAge India to help this cause and are looking for volunteers who can give a small part of their weekends to help our senior citizens become Digitally Literate and connect them with the Online World.

If you think that you can make change happen by training elders on the basics of digital literacy, register below:

The Digital Literacy Easy Guide for Elders

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Can I join this campaign?

Anyone with a will to help towards empowering the elderly through digital literacy can join.

How can I train people?

The above resource by Helpage India should be helpful. Some other guides are also available on the internet.

Can I train more people?

Yes, you may use the training curriculum to train more elderly people in your family or near you.

What do I get if I successfully complete this campaign?

  • You will be getting a joint Helpage India – MyKartavya certificate
  • You will be making a friend who through his / her wisdom may help you in your life
  • Lots of Love and care from them
  • An experience of a lifetime!

Contact Us

In case of any questions or quires, please write back to us at mykartavya@nasscomfoundation.org