Mphasis Education Honours

education- websiteOne of the key pillars of Government of India’s Digital India mission is to revolutionise education through technology. The potential of technology to tackle issues such as inadequate infrastructure, lack of quality content and trained teachers is immense – from content creation through to delivery technology has been a game changer for the sector.
Mphasis too is committed to bridging the gap between digital haves and have-nots through its CSR programmes focused on technology based interventions in education. Mphasis’s objective from such interventions is to substantially enhance learning outcomes and consequently improve employability and overall quality of life for the beneficiaries. In line with this, Mphasis is piloting Arivu Disha – an ambitious program that combines best in class research, curriculum design and technology to improve learning outcomes in government schools across Karnataka.
Mphasis also acknowledges the need for thriving social entrepreneurship ecosystems in the country. In keeping with its CSR philosophy and the brand promise of ’ Unleash the Next’ , Mphasis is relentlessly looking for opportunities to support promising and disruptive social enterprises across the education value chain, which can bring out large scale improvement in learning outcomes.
The ‘NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum – Mphasis Education Honours’: Seed grants will be provided to four best ICT-based solutions in primary and secondary education, in addition to mentoring by its team and experts.