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India is a complex country with limitless issues and limitless solutions to those issues. While these  issues are well known and experienced by a lot, the solutions generally are confined to a group of communities and are not as far widespread as to solve the issue once and for all for the whole country.

This is where, the MyKartavya Social Influencer program comes in. The volunteers range from social media enthusiast to experts but with one single goal: to create awareness of these solutions using various social media channels.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of social media and 10 minutes per day at her / his disposal can enroll into this program.

The Program picks up potent awareness exercises each month and carries out awareness campaign across the month.

OBSERVING THIS MONTH: #ChildOnlineProtectionMyKartavya


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Can I join this campaign?

Anyone with a Twitter and Facebook account can be a part of this initiative.

I have a twitter and facebook account, what should i post?

NASSCOM Foundation will be sharing list of twitter and facebook updates soon. you can post those or similar updates on your personal twitter and facebook accounts.

It will be advantageous to your accounts as well, as all the content shared will also be likeworthy and unique and will help you build your followers and likes on both twitter and facebook.

How many times am i required to post on my social media?

The first ten days are going to be intensive with at least 4 twitter and 1 facebook post. The next 30 days will be a little less intensive with 1 -2 tweets per day and a facebook post every alternate day.  The last 10 days will again be intensive with 4 twitter and 1 facebook update.

What do I get if I successfully complete this campaign?

  1. A good number of followers on twitter and facebook by the time this campaign ends
  2. You would have played a small but significant role in turning around India’s social landscape
  3. You would yourself get more ideas for even better social innovations and maybe we will see you applying to NSIF for your own idea in another couple of years.
  4. You will get a NASSCOM Foundation certificate which carries immense value and will look great in your resume.

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