Steps to Follow for Volunteers

Thank you for registering towards NASSCOM Foundation’s MyKartavya Program . You have taken the first step towards changing India for the better. The next few Steps are given below:

  1. Find a beneficiary
    This could be anyone who has currently not been trained on the best practices against misinformation. Eg: Your family members, Your Househelp, your driver, security guard, people from your nearest underserved community etc.
  2. Ask him / her politely
    Start by asking if he / she would like to learn more about how he/she can help curb Misinformation by undertaking this small training.
  3.  Train the beneficiary on the curriculum provided below:
  4. Register the trained beneficiary below
    Once trained, the beneficiary can be registered in the form.


Once you have trained 3 beneficiaries you will stand to get a certificate from NASSCOM Foundation.

Add Beneficiary

Trainee Registration


The curriculum essentially works in three steps:

Step 1. Sensitizing the users that not everything on the internet or social media is true

Step 2. Helping the connected citizens in the identification of possible false information

Step 3. Enabling the users to prevent its further amplification

Download the curriculum

Other Volunteering opportunities

Cashless Transaction Volunteering

MyKartavya invites volunteers to connect with the beneficiaries and help them get on to any one of 5 the cashless transaction platforms including, eWallets, USSD, UPI, POS and Aadhar Enabled Payment System.

Skills Volunteering

MyKartavya invites volunteers to help NGOs using your current skills and bring about a real change. This is inline with the larger Initiative of India@75 where we try create a country of our dreams by 2022.
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